PAT-Tester-i-16 multichannel potentiostat


Your Lab in a box:
The PAT-Tester-i-16 is a multi-channel battery tester specially developed for the requirements of battery material research.
Discover the unique features that set it apart from other devices.

EL-Cell PAT-Tester-i-16 multichannel potentiostat

Your Lab in a Box.

Our All-in-one Solution for Electrochemical Battery Testing!

Until now, battery research solutions for higher throughput were modular systems built around wired test cells or test cells docked into a docking station. The cells and docking stations needed to be placed into a temperature-controlled chamber and connected via many cables to a potentiostat / galvanostat outside.
Such modular and distributed set-ups are flexible, but have severe drawbacks such as a large foot print, an extensive cable harness, and susceptibility to experimental mistakes.

With the new, patented* PAT-Tester-i-16 we integrate all functions of a 16-channels battery tester, a PAT docking station, and a temperature-controlled test chamber into one single instrument.

The world-wide patented cableless connection between test cell and potentiostat saves space in your lab and eliminates wiring effort. Plug the PAT-Tester into the main power supply, connect it to your LAN and get full remote access from any host PC on the network!
The internal impedance analyser is capable of simultaneously recording both half-cell impedances while running constant current cycles or voltammetric experiments. Aquire the DC and AC characteristics of your test cells at the same time! (See our sample test case here.)
All test channels feature a connection matrix for software-controlled switching between half- and full-cell measurements without reconnecting any cables.

PAT-Tester-i-16 overview


Integrated Temperature Chamber!

The PAT-Tester-i-16 features an integrated Temperature Chamber with an temperature range of 10 to 80°C. There is no need for additional, space and cost-intensive devices!

True Multichannel Testing!

The sixteen test channels of the PAT-Tester-i-16 are independent units, each with a fully featured potentiostat/galvanostat and impedance analyzer. No multiplexing!

No Wiring Required!

Cableless connection for battery test cells. Simply plug in your PAT-Cells to the connection socket which interacts directly with the measurement electronics. No cable tangles or interference signals.

Highest Accuracy!

The PAT-Tester-i-16 delivers the highest measurement precision with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, making it the perfect machine for high-precision coulometry!
Find out more about the measuring accuracy of the PAT-Tester-i-16 in our application example.

The Switch Matrix and Other Unique Timesavers!

Measure voltage and impedance simultaneously, switch between half-cell and full-cell measurements at runtime without rewiring, and edit the parameters of your test scripts on the fly. These and other features help you to carry out electrochemical measurements more easily and efficiently.

  • The Switch Matrix:
    The PAT-Tester-i-16 comes equipped with a Switch Matrix on each test channel. This feature allows for software-controlled switching between half-cell and full-cell measurements without reconnecting any cables during the running measurement. This minimizes potential sources of error and simplifies various tasks, such as the prelithiation of reference electrodes, as demonstrated in this example.
  • AC or CD? We can both!
    The internal impedance analyzer on each test channel can simultaneously record the impedances of both half-cells while performing constant current cycles or voltammetric experiments. Acquire the DC and AC characteristics of your test cells at the same time! Check out our example test case.
  • On-the-fly script editing
    Would you like to change the test script in your ongoing experiment? No problem. With the supplied EL-Software control software, you can effortlessly change any of your test script parameters, even while your measurements are running.

Deployable Anywhere, Easy to Setup!

No fixed installation or special infrastructure required! All you need is a flat surface in an air-conditioned room, a power connection, and LAN access.

Small Footprint!

Thanks to its compact design, the PAT-Tester-i-16 requires very little space and can, therefore, be set up and operated even in limited spaces.

Full Remote Control!

Access your devices and experiments from anywhere in your local network. The PAT-Tester-i-16, the cell chamber’s temperature control, and the ongoing measurements on the test channels can be fully controlled remotely via LAN. This way, you can even set up and monitor measurements involving multiple PAT-Testers without being on-site.

Highly Scalable for Your Application!

Run single-channel experiments or perform high-throughput testing with multiple PAT-Testers in a cluster. The control software scales effortlessly and enables a wide variety of use cases!


EL-Software is a powerful software platform developed to control EL-CELL battery testers. It is available to all users free of charge. EL-Software provides you with comprehensive support throughout the entire process of conducting electrochemical experiments, from initial set up to ongoing monitoring of measurements, all the way to final evaluation. It covers a wide range of test cases, from strain measurements using the ECD dilatometer to simple cycle tests on a single button cell and high-throughput material tests with the PAT system.

Get EL-Software

Feature Highlights

Convenient experiment design and planning capabilities for highly scalable test setups

Cell component management

Intuitive, powerful experiment builder for setting up common tests such as CCCV cycling, voltammetry, impedance tests

Powerful, flexible script language for customization of nearly any desired experiment

Batch mode for sequencing of experiments

Unique Connection Matrix: Reconnect a cell at runtime without touching any cable.

Most advanced graphing capabilities and configurable cell viewer for viewing and comparing data in real-time (Single experiment and group reports; Multi-panel graphs; Built-in and custom graph templates)

> Discover all features of EL-Software



(Last update: November 2023)


Width 380 mm
Depth 640 mm
Height approx. 600 mm/375 mm (opened/closed cover)
Weight 26 kg (without test cells)
Operating temperature range 10 to 80° C

Accuracy Contour Plot

PAT-Tester-i-16 Accuracy Contour Plot




Impedance (each channel)




PAT-Tester-i-16 User Manual
Release 1.0
Date February 2024
Type PDF
Size 2.1 MB


Software Installation

The installation files for EL-Software can be downloaded here:

Get EL-Software

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