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EL-CELL electrochemical research laboratory

In addition to our hardware we also offer electrochemical experiments in our own research laboratory.

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EL-CELL operates its own, fully equipped electrochemical laboratory, where we perform a variety of test measurements for our customers and for our internal product development.

Let us test your battery materials with our advanced PAT Tester i-16 potentiostats and the reliable 3-electrode PAT-Cells.

Download Checklist and Information sheet (PDF)
  • MBraun glove box system, EL-CELL laboratory
  • Test setup with ECC-Opto-Std and Keyence VHX-700FD microscope
  • 32 channels testing with PAT-Tester-i-16, EL-CELL laboratory
  • Helium leak tester, EL-CELL laboratory

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