Fully featured potentiostat / galvanostat / impedance analyzer with up to 8 channels for small scale and special purpose testing.

The individual test solution

The PAT-Tester-x-8 is the perfect choice for small scale and special purpose testing. It brings the same battery tester hardware and software as the PAT-Tester-i-16. However the test channels are separated into individual devices, the so-called PAT-Channel-1. Each PAT-Channel-1 features a fully equipped galvanostat / potentiostat / impedance  analyzer. Up to 8 PAT-Channels may connect to one single PAT-Controller-8 which serves as the control unit for storing all measurement data and enabling communication with the EL-Software server. That way each channel of the PAT-Tester-x-8 can be controlled from any client PC in the same network via the EL-Software.
The individual PAT-Channels can be placed where they are needed: on the bench, in a climate chamber, or inside the glove box. While tailored for PAT-Cells, each PAT-Channel-1 can also connect to almost any other test cell including the ECD dilatometer, optical ECC in-situ cells and all other small format cell (e.g. coin cells, pouch cells, T-cells).

PAT-Tester-x-8 setup with 6 PAT-Channels

Single-channel setup with ECD-3 Dilatometer

PAT-Tester-x-8 setup with 4 PAT-Channels and PAT-Heater-4

PAT-Tester-x-8 overview


Accuracy Contour Plot

PAT-Tester-i-16 Accuracy Contour Plot




Impedance (each channel)




EL-Software is the software platform to control all EL-CELL battery testers, be it single-channel or multi-channel systems. EL-Software is covering all test cases from strain measurements with the ECD dilatometer through simple cycle tests on a single button cell to high throughput material testing with the PAT system.

Convenient experiment design and planning capabilities for highly scalable test setups

Cell component management, supportive features like procurement and assignment list generation

Intuitive, powerful experiment builder for setting up common tests such as CCCV cycling, voltammetry, impedance tests

Powerful, flexible script language for customization of nearly any desired experiment

Batch mode for sequencing of experiments

Unique Connection matrix: Reconnect a cell at runtime without touching any cable.

Most advanced graphing capabilities and configurable cell viewer for viewing and comparing data in real-time (Single experiment and group reports; Multi-panel graphs; Built-in and custom graph templates)

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