Electrochemical Test Cells

Electrochemical Battery Test Cells

Our range of electrochemical test cells covers the latest PAT series, the established ECC series, as well as numerous test cells for special purposes, such as the in-situ monitoring of electrode strain (thickness change) or optical properties.

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Learn more about the PAT system. It features a complete testing ecosystem with test cells, docking stations with temperature control and fully equipped battery testers.

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Standard test cells

Leadless test cells for high-throughput testing of Li-ion battery materials.

  • Ability for conducting long-term half cell measurements with three electrodes
  • No need for cleaning or drying cell components due to single-use concept
  • Reproducible and homogeneous mechanical pressure on electrodes

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Electrochemical dilatometer

Electrochemical Dilatometer for the measurement of height changes in aprotic as well as aqueous electrolytes.

  • 500 micrometer full range with ≤ 5 nanometers resolution
  • Test of different electrode types possible
  • Compatible with aprotic as well as aqueous electrochemistry

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Force test cells

Test cells for 2- or 3-electrode testing under defined force

  • Force adjustment and measurement, 0 to 1500 Newton
  • Investigate battery materials under defined force, temperature and gas pressure

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Gas analysis test cells

Analyse the gas evolution of aprotic battery and capacitor systems.

  • Electrochemical characterization of Li-ion battery and gas diffusion electrodes in aprotic electrolytes
  • Time-resolved gas analysis for Li-air and conventional Li-ion chemistries
  • Reliable measurement and recording of gas evolution

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Optical test cells

For optical and in-situ observation of electrodes in the reflective mode.

  • Optical and X-ray characterization in the reflective mode
  • Face-to-face or side-by-side arrangement of electrodes
  • Adjustable, reproducible and homogeneous mechanical pressure on electrodes

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High temperature test cell

Heat resistant PAT-Cell for up to 200°C

  • Continuous operating temperature: -20 to +200°C
  • Compatible with solid state electrolyte membranes
  • Demountable HT-sleeve for self-installations

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