Universal adapter for using third party test cells in the PAT system

Product overview

The Uni-to-PAT adapter is an universal connection adapter that allows third-party battery test cells to be connected directly to the PAT socket of our PAT series potentiostats and docking stations.
Use your T-cell, split cell or any other third party test cell for 2- or 3-electrode tests directly in a PAT-Tester-i-16 or PAT-Tester-x-8. Benefit from the easy handling and advanced features such as the Connection Matrix, that enable software-controlled switching between half- and full-cell measurements without reconnecting any cables.

The mounted test cell is connected to the adapter via short cell cables with 2 mm jack plugs. Like our PAT-Cells, the Uni-to-PAT-Aadapter has an integrated PAT-Button, which enables automatic recognition of the cell ID in the PAT-Tester-i-16 or PAT-Tester-x-8 potentiostats.

We offer customized holders for various popular cell types, which are simply screwed onto the adapter. Just ask us for details or if you need a customized solution.

Coin-to-PAT-Adapter overview

Height 36 mm
Width 68 mm
Depth 68 mm


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