Adapter box for flexible wiring connections

The PAT-Connect-16 is an intermediate box between the PAT-Stand-16 / PAT-Chamber-16 and your potentiostat / battery tester. It enables flexible rewiring in order to switch between operation modes (full cell, cathode half cell, anode half cell) without manipulating the cable connection between adapter box and the stand / chamber.

PAT-Connect-16 overview


Easy-to-access banana sockets for plug-in of the cell cables of the battery tester / potentiostat (sockets available for WE, WE-Sense, RE, CE, CE-Sense, and GND)

Sub-D Connector for optional auxiliary signals: buffered half cell voltages, temperature, sensor signals

Available as modular box (PAT-Connect-16) to be placed on the bench or fixed on the wall, or as an attachment on top of the PAT-Chamber-16 (PAT-Connect-16 C)


Schematic view of the PAT-Connect-16 connections

Height 106 mm
Width 334 mm
Depth 195 mm
PAT-Connect-16 C
Height 75 mm
Width 350 mm
Depth 177 mm
PAT-Connect-16 User Manual
Release 1.4
Date January 2024
Type PDF
Size 1.0 MB


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