Electrochemical test equipment

EL-CELL designs and manufactures high performance electrochemical research instruments for Li-ion and next-generation battery technologies.

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Learn more about the PAT system. It features a complete testing ecosystem with test cells, docking stations with temperature control and fully equipped battery cyclers.

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Our product range

Test cells

Our range of electrochemical test cells covers the latest PAT series, the established ECC series, as well as numerous test cells for special purposes, such as the in-situ monitoring of electrode strain (thickness change) or optical properties.

  • PAT cells for different purposes utilizing the modular PAT-Core concept
  • ECC test cells including devices for optical characterization
  • ECD dilatometer for in-situ monitoring of electrode strain

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PAT docking stations

Whether high-throughput or individual battery testing, our docking stations for the PAT series test cells suit your needs.

  • Temperature controlled docking stations
  • Perform tests with 1, 4 or 16 channels
  • Compatible with all of today’s multi-channel potentiostats and battery testers

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Potentiostats / Galvanostats / Impedance analyzer

Fully equipped single- and multi-channel potentiostats / galvanostats / impedance analyzers with unique features.

  • Independent channels for PAT-series test cells
  • Each channel with fully featured potentiostat / galvanostat /impedance analyzer
  • Integrated Peltier-temperature-control with a temperature range of +10 to +80°C

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Tools and accessories

We offer useful tools for enhancing the work experience with our test cells and make your lfe as a battery researcher easier.

  • High precision cutting pliers to eliminate torn and chipped electrode edges.
  • Punching tools for lithium foil
  • Assembly and filling aids for our test cells

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Customized devices

We can customize our products to meet your specific requirements. All products shown here evolved from customer requests.

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