Universal adapter for using 2- and 3-electrode button cells of various sizes in a PAT series docking station or potentiostat

Product overview

With the 3E-Coin-to-PAT-Adapter it is possible to test common coin cells with two or three electrodes within the PAT system. The coin cell is clamped into the adapter and then inserted into the socket of a PAT docking station or potentiostat just like a normal PAT-Cell. The adapter can be equipped with coin cells of up to 32 mm in diameter and 5.5 mm in height.

Furthermore the 3E-Coin-PAT-Adapter is equipped with a PAT-Button, which contains an electronic memory chip on which the cell ID is stored. When inserted into a PAT battery tester, the adapter is automatically detected by its electronic signature and displayed in EL-Software.

3E-Coin-PAT-Adapter overview

Height 67 mm
Width 43.8 mm
Weight 50 g
Max. diameter of coin cell 32 mm
Max. height of coin cell 5.5 mm

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