The ideal docking station for individual battery testing

The PAT-Stand-1 is a docking station, which runs a single PAT-Cell or PAT-Cell-Press. It can be connected directly to a common multi-channel potentiostat (like the Biologic MPG-2 or VMP300) or battery tester (like the Maccor 4000) using 4mm banana sockets or a hardwired Sub-D socket. Therefore, the PAT-Stand-1 saves wiring effort, because it is not necessary to renew the connection of cell and potentiostat for every battery test.

The PAT-Stand-1 fits nicely into a usual climate chamber (for example Binder KB53), which saves space in the lab. Furthermore it is small enough to be placed inside a glovebox and allows immediate functional testing of the PAT-Cell. It is even possible to perform whole battery tests inside the glovebox.

If you want to perform individual battery tests before switching to the larger PAT-Stand-16 system, then the PAT-Stand-1 is the ideal entry docking station for you.

PAT-Stand-1 overview


Compatible with all of today´s multi-channel potentiostats and battery testers

Can be placed on the bench or inside temperature chamber

Saves wiring effort and space in the lab

Height 81/110 mm (without/with PAT-Cell)
Width 105 mm
Depth 113 mm
Weight approx. 0.56/0.96 kg (without/with PAT-Cell)
Temperature resistance -20 to 70° C
Delivery scope
Component Order no.
PAT-Stand-1 (without PAT-Cell) ECE1-00-0010-A
Adapter male 4mm to female 2mm (6 pcs.) ELT9081
Note: Cell cables to connect the PAT-Stand-1 to a battery tester or potentiostat are not included!



The PAT-Stand-1 enables you to perform battery tests right inside the glovebox.The PAT-Stand-1 enables you to perform battery tests right inside the glovebox.


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