PAT-Dummy-Cell I

PAT-Dummy-Cell I

Basic cell for performing a functional test of your PAT-Tester

Product overview

The PAT-Dummy-Cell I is used to perform a quick functional test of your PAT-Tester right out of the box, or in case the tester does not work as expected with your electrochemical test cell. The PAT-Dummy-Cell I consists of simple RC circuits:

PAT-Dummy-Cell-I overview

PAT-Dummy-Cell I
Height 36 mm
Width 68 mm
Depth 68 mm
Electric component values
R1 10 Ohm
R2 287 Ohm
R3 1000 Ohm
R4 1 Ohm
R5 1000 Ohm
C1 1 µF
C2 10 µF

Test cases

1. DC test with constant current

When applying a constant current, the dummy cell behaves, in steady state, as an ohmic voltage divider. For the test shown below we apply a current of 1 mA between 1 and 2, then between 1 and R, and finally between 2 and R. The three cc steps are separated by rest steps. Each step takes 200 milliseconds. The steady state is reached within a few ms, defined by the time constant of the respective RC element.

Script used: Dummy-I-CC-i12-i1R-i2R.elc

2. Impedance (GEIS) test

The RC elements of the dummy circuit are best characterized by impedance measurements. For the results shown below as Bode plots, we applied a sinusoidal alternating current with an amplitude of 1 mA, with frequencies between 100 kHz and 1 Hz. First, the alternating current was applied between 1 and 2, then between 1 and R and finally between 2 and R.

2.1 Current flows between 1 and 2

Script used: Dummy-I-GEIS-i12.elc

2.2 Current flows between 1 and R

Script used: Dummy-I-GEIS-i1R.elc

2.3 Current flows between 2 and R

Script used: Dummy-I-GEIS-i2R.elc

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