Test cell for optical characterization in the reflective mode with face-to-face arrangement of electrodes. For aqueous electrochemistry.

The ECC-Opto-Std-Aqu test cell serves to monitor the optical properties of an electrode material in the course of electrochemical charging. For this purpose, the working electrode (WE) material, which is supported on a meshed or holed current collector, is placed right below the optical window. This WE is sandwiched from below with a glass fiber separator and an appropriate counter electrode (CE).

This way, the optical instrument “looks” from the top through the optical window onto the backside of the electrode material. Typical instrumentations include optical and confocal Raman microscopy in the reflection mode. Special window materials such as saphire, beryllium, polyimide are available. Please refer to the separate manual of the ECC-Opto-Std.

ECC-Opto-Std-Aqu overview



2- and 3-electrode cell with optical window for aqueous electrochemistry

Materials in media contact are gold, PEEK and EPDM

The backside of the working electrode material can be observed through the optical window on top. Inspection area diameter is 1 mm. Other diameters up to 10 mm available.

Typically used in combination with optical or Raman microscopy in the reflection mode.

Working electrodes can be single crystals or grains, powder samples and free-standing electrodes (applied onto current collector mesh). Maximum electrode diameter is 10 mm.

Easy and clean electrolyte filling via the vacuum (syringe) method.



Height 46 mm
Width 88 mm
Depth 64 mm
Weight approx. 0.2 kg
Electrode diameter 10 mm
Electrolyte volume min. 0.1 ml
Temperature operation range -20°C to +70°C
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Delivery scope

Delivery scope

Component Order no.
ECC-Opto-Std-Aqu test cell with stand
ECC-Opto cell cable ECE1-00-0075-A
Glass windows (5 pcs.) LAB0018/V
Glass fiber separators (5 pcs.) ECC1-01-0012-J/V
Feed wire, assy (Au) ECC1-00-0010-O
Transfer line syringe ECC1-01-0001-A
O-Ring 6.75 mm x 1.78 mm DIC9013
O-Ring 16 mm x 1.8 mm DIC9012
Hex wrench 0.9 mm WZG9005
Current Collector 10 mm, Au ECC1-01-0159-A
Spherical hex screw driver 3 mm WZG9002
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Spare parts

Spare parts

Test cell

Central CE Piston

REF electrode Opto (Au)

Electrode feed wire, Opto (Au)


Window kits

Optional window kits

As a standard, the ECC-Opto-Std is equipped with a borosilicate glass window1 (Order no. LAB0018/V) and a cell lid with a 2 mm diameter window opening (Order no. ECC1-00-0127-A).
Depending on your testing purposes additional window kits are available. Each kit includes one or more windows and a modified cell lid.

Always check compatibility (corrosion resistance, solubilitity) of the window material under the experimental conditions applied.

Cell holder

Cell holder I for ECC-Opto-Std

The Cell holder I is designed for the use of the ECC-Opto-Std in light microscopes.  It fits nicely on sample stages of most manufacturers (e.g. Thermofisher or Renishaw) utilizing standard microscope slides (75 x 26 mm, ISO 8037-1).


Cell holder II for ECC-Opto-Std

The Cell holder II is designed for the use of the ECC-Opto-Std in XRD microscopes like the Bruker D8.


Cell holder III for ECC-Opto-Std

The Cell holder III is designed for the use of the ECC-Opto-Std in a Bruker FTIR Hyperion 2000 microscope.



Recommended tools


Ref loading tool – Useful tool for conveniently loading the Ref-sleeve

Product details


High Precision Cutting Tool eliminates torn and chipped electrode edges. The recommended size for use with the ECC-Opto-Std is 10 mm.

Product details

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