Electrochemical dilatometer ECD-4-nano

Advanced test cell for the measurement of the expansion and contraction of the electrodes in the nanometer range.
EL-CELL ECD-4-nano elctrochemical dilatometer for measuring electrode expansion

The ECD-4 takes dilatometry measurements to the next level

The ECD-4-nano is a high-resolution electrochemical dilatometer. The most powerful version offers a capacitive parallel plate sensor system with a resolution of better than 5 nanometers. This makes the ECD-4-nano the perfect instrument for detecting thickness changes of the individual electrode or the full cell stack during the electrochemical cycle.
The ECD-4-nano‘s completely redesigned test cell features a corrosion-resistant cell bottom and a new One-Seal concept that significantly improves tightness over previous ECD-3 models. This enables stable long-term operation as well as the use of a wide range of electrolytes.
To further improve workflow and handling, we have now integrated the ECD-4-nano into the PAT system. The dilatometer can be inserted directly into a PAT-Tester-x or a docking station such as the PAT-Clamp-1. This allows a space-saving and fast setup of the instrument. Needless to say, the integrated PAT-Button also ensures automatic recognition of the test cell in our EL-Software measurement software.

ECD-4-nano overview

Working principle (3-electrode setup)

The working electrode (WE) and the counter electrode (CE) are separated by a stiff glass frit soaked with electrolyte. The upper WE is sealed by means of a flexible metal membrane, through which any charge-induced thickness change is transmitted towards the sensor/load unit attached on top. The fixation of the glass frit ensures that only the thickness change of the working electrode is being detected without interference from the CE.


PAT series test cell for dilatometric analysis (expansion of electrodes)

Suited for 2- and 3-electrode measurements

Capacitive displacement sensor (range 250 μm, resolution ≤ 5 nm)

Laser-welded gas pressure sensor, 0 to 3 bar abs.

Temperature sensor, -20 to 80° C

Electronic cell tag (PAT-Button) for automatic cell identification

Electrode feedthroughs with glass-to-metal seals

Helium leak tested for optimum tightness


Length 67 mm
Width 67 mm
Height 129 mm
Weight 2 kg
Sample diameter 10 mm
Glass T-Frit (Separator) 12.5/10 x 3.5 mm
Separator diameter (full cell mode) max. 10 mm
Working (upper) electrode diameter max. 10 mm
Counter (lower) electrode diameter max. 10 mm
Gas pressure sensor: 0 to 3 bar abs.
Temperature sensor -20 to 80° C
Chemical compatibility Aprotic organic electrolytes
Cell electrolyte volume Half cell mode: approx. 0.2 ml Full cell mode: approx. 0.03 ml
Operational temperature range (cell and sensor) -20 to 80° C
Operational temperature range (conditioning electronics and data logger) 0 to 40 °C
Load on test specimen approx. 1 Newton
Displacement sensor type: Capacitive
Displacement range: 250 μm
Displacement resolution: ≤ 5 nm

Compatible PAT docking stations and potentiostats


ECD-4-nano User Manual
Release 1.36
Date March 2024
Type PDF
Size 2.4 MB

Name Order No.
PE Sealing, 10 pcs. ECC1-06-0043-A/X
T-Frit 10 mm/12.5 mm/3.5 mm, 10 pcs. ECC1-06-0041-A/X
Reference Ring II, Li coated, ECD-4-nano, 10 pcs. ECC1-01-0078-B/X
Spare Parts

Test cell

Screw cap unit

Frit flange unit

Sample Test Results


Assembly procedures of the ECD-4-nano electrochemical dilatometer (01/2023)

In this video, Dr. Matthias Hahn guides you through all the necessary steps to assemble the ECD-4-nano inside the glove box.

ECD-4-nano: Assembly procedures (01/2023)1920x1080px01/2023mov260 MBDownload

Sample Setup

Recommended docking station and potentiostat


The PAT-Tester-x offers maximum flexibility with up to 8 channels for small scale and special purpose testing.

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The ideal docking station for individual battery testing

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Recommended tools


High precision cutting pliers to eliminate torn and chipped electrode edges. Recommended diameter size for use with the ECD-4-nano is 10 mm.

Product details


Punching tool for lithium foil. The recommended size for use with the ECD-4-nano is 9.5 mm.

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