Test cell for use with aqueous electrolytes

The ECC-Aqu electrochemical cell is dedicated to the characterization of aqueous battery and capacitor systems. The cell is equipped with a reference electrode assembly. Cell parts that come in contact with the electrolyte are made of gold and PEEK and can thus withstand all common aqueous electrolytes like sulphuric acid (up to 50% concentration) or potassium hydroxide. Other construction materials like platinum are optionally available.

ECC-Aqu overview


Operation with or without reference electrode

High precision 18 mm diameter sandwich geometry with

Reliable low leakage sealing with PE washer

Easy and reliable electrolyte filling during assembly

Fast assembly and dismantling and easy cleaning of cell components

Electrodes are easily accessible for post-mortem analysis

Reusable cell components except for PE seal

Adjustable, reproducible and homogeneous mechanical pressure on electrodes

ECC-Aqu User Manual
Release 2.61
Type PDF
Size 1.5 MB
Sealing ring, PE ECC1-00-0053-A
Sealing ring, PTFE ECC1-00-0053-B
Sealing ring, PEEK ECB3-00-0053-D
Glass fiber separator 18 mm x 1.55 mm ECC1-01-0012-C
Separator (Celgard 2325) 24 mm x 0.025 mm ECC1-01-0022-D
Ferrule (plug) ECC1-00-0029-D
Heat Resistance Set

The Heat Resistance Set increases the temperature range for testing with the ECC-Aqu to 150 °C.

Package content
Heat Resistance Set (ECC-Series) ECC1-01-0040-A
ECC-Series Cell Cable Set HT ECE1-00-0037-B
HT Foot (heat resistant), (3 pcs) ECC1-00-0065-B
PTFE Seal (ECC Series), (10 pcs) ECC1-00-0053-B/X
Spare parts

Test cell

Reference electrode ECC (Au)


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