Customized devices

Customized devices

Our main focus is on lithium-ion batteries, but we also design test cells for other energy storage technologies. We can customize our devices und tools according to your individual purpose and even create new solutions for specific experiments. Just ask!

All products shown below have been built or adapted according to specific customer requirements.

PAT-Stand-1 U

Single channel docking station with flexible signal assignment for specialized PAT-Cells.

  • Docking station for use with a single PAT-Cell-TwinRef.
  • May be used to connect with any other PAT series test cell. All signals of the respective test cell are available through banana sockets at the front panel.
  • Compatible with any potentiostat or battery tester.

Product details


Specialized PAT-Cell for testing simultaneously with two reference electrodes.

  • Ability for conducting long-term half cell measurements with two reference electrodes
  • No need for cleaning or drying cell components due to single-use concept

Product details


Test cell for optical characterization of gas diffusion electrodes in metal-air batteries.

  • In-situ test cell for the optical characterization of gas diffusion electrodes (GDE) in aprotic organic electrolytes.
  • Minimized dimensions suitable for light and Raman microscopes working in the reflective mode

Product details


Test cell for optical characterization in the reflective mode – with side-by-side arrangement of electrodes.

  • Side-by-side (“face up”) arrangement of working and counter electrode
  • Both electrodes simultaneously seen through a sapphire window
  • Precisely adjustable distance of electrolyte gap between electrode edges
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