Electrochemical dilatometer for battery research

Electrochemical dilatometer

Electrochemical battery test cell for measuring electrode expansion in the nanometer range.

Electrochemical Dilatometer

The optimal test cells for the measurement of electrode expansion in aprotic as well as aqueous electrolytes.

Watch your electrodes breathing

Our electrochemical dilatometers are the perfect instruments for detecting thickness changes of the individual electrode or the full cell stack during the electrochemical cycle. The most powerful version offers a capacitive parallel plate sensor system with a resolution of better than 5 nanometers.

Working principle (3-electrode setup)

A stiff glass frit soaked with electrolyte separates the working electrode (WE) and the counter electrode (CE). The WE is sealed using a flexible metal membrane, through which any charge-induced thickness change is transmitted toward the sensor/load unit attached on top. The fixation of the glass frit ensures that only the thickness change of the WE is detected without interference from the CE.


Advanced Electrochemical Dilatometer for the measurement of electrode expansion with nanometer resolution.

  • Capacitive displacement sensor (range 250 μm, resolution better than 5 nm)
  • Additional gas pressure (0 to 3 bar) and temperature sensor (-20 to 80° C)
  • Cableless connection via PAT socket, with electronic cell tag (PAT-Button)

Product details

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