PAT-series test cell for aqueous electrolytes and non-lithium battery systems

The PAT series test cell for two- and three-electrode testing with aqueous electrolytes

The PAT-Cell-Aqu is a battery test cell dedicated to the characterization of aqueous batteries. Functionally, the PAT-Core-Aqu comprises three components: the insulation sleeve with built-in separator and reference ring, and two 18 mm diameter current collectors, each contacted by a feed wire.

By default, current collectors and feed wires are made of pure gold. The feed wires are held in place by plungers made of PEEK polymer. As a result, the PAT-Cell-Aqu does withstand most aqueous electrolytes such as sulfuric acid (up to 50% concentration) or potassium hydroxide solution. Other metals such as Pt and Ni are optionally available as current collectors, and may be easily replaced by the user.

While most appropriate for aqueous electrochemistry, the PAT-Cell-Aqu can as well be used for aprotic systems beyond Li-ion with special demands on corrosion stability.

PAT-Cell-Aqu overview


PAT-series test cell specialized for aqueous electrolytes or non-Lithium battery systems with special demands on corrosion stability.

Superior corrosion resistance against aqueous electrolytes (e.g. H2SO4, KOH). Also applicable to aprotic battery chemistries with special demands on corrosion resistance

Specialized PAT-Core with reusable plunger made of PEEK polymer and gold current collectors (optionally other metals such as Pt, Ni)

Use of current collector disks made of nickel, gold or platinum

Single-use insulation sleeves with or without ring-shaped reference electrode

Fast assembly and dismantling and easy cleaning of cell components

Electrodes easily accessible for post-mortem analysis

Diameter 49.5 mm
Height 61 mm
Weight 0.4 kg
Electrode diameter 18 mm
Temperature resistance -20 to 70° C
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Compatible PAT docking stations



Recommended PAT-Core configuration

This information can be used as a guide for building test cells of the PAT series. More PAT-Core setups can be found here.

Testing with aqueous supercap electrolytes:


AC = Activated carbon

SS= Stainless steel 316L (1.4404)

PAT-Core with reusable PEEK insulation sleeves and plungersPAT-Core with reusable PEEK insulation sleeves and plungers

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